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Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Rameses, sort of

Here is another variation of the Rameses shape, recently sold direct to the collector who requested it. This one is much more to my personal tastes - Not at all a slavish or even loose copy of the original, but instead a creative departure using the basic design template for a very different result. I did this pipe with two goals in my mind. I wanted to have fun with the styling, instead of worrying about accuracy or copying as I had with the other versions, and I also wanted to trial-run some ideas I've been nurturing about a future project.

Blogger was apparently down most of yesterday, for those who may have had trouble accessing this blog. I kept checking their site and it continually read "Down for service, for thirty minutes" for most of the day! But all seems well now.

Let me know where you are! If you haven't put a pin in our Frappr Map yet, please do so. I see in our site traffic logs that we get lots of hits from China, Japan, and all across Asia, yet the Frappr map is currently almost exclusively European and American. Let's broaden our ethnicity, please :)