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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Wandering Mortas

We continue to be extremely busy with group pipes and orders, but in and around the fringes of the main work, I managed to do a couple new Morta Classics. I haven't decided what to do with them yet - One may already be sold (the prince), but I'm not certain, and I also don't know if I have the time to do full photo & catalog entries for them, so they may just ship direct to a dealer. But, I thought I'd post a couple of quick pics here first just to see if anyone wanted to snap one up direct. They're each 209 €, or 250 € with VAT for EU buyers, and thankfully, the euro has started dropping finally and US buyers can now purchase a good bit more easily than a mere six months ago! Today's rate is $1.47/euro, down from a miserable $1.58/euro only a month ago. Note - Both pipes are now SOLD

Like all the Morta Classics, these are both smaller bowls, best suited for flakes, plugs, etc. They're also of note because they are officially "the first of the last" - We are officially going to be ceasing production of the Briere-harvested morta pipes. If I can find a reliable commercial source (hopefully one of the new wave of morta pipemakers can help me here), I will continue to make morta pipes, but the cost of finding, harvesting, and site-drying is simply more than I can bear in time and money. Our existing stock has dwindled to the point that we now have a limited number of small-bowl Morta Classic-size blocks remaining, and a select stash of larger blocks for Signature pieces, and when the Briere morta is gone, that's that.

And that's the news of the moment! Anyone interesting in snagging one of these two should just email me.