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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About to go offline

Today is our last full day in Brittany. Outside this morning it is grey, overcast, occasionally raining in cold drizzles, and about 50 degrees. Tomorrow at noon we depart by TGV to Paris, where we will stay overnight and then fly back to the US on Friday. I am likely to be out of touch for some few days, however long it takes to get our new internet connection installed and working, though I may try posting from the hotel if they offer wireless access and it works for us.

Zowie, big life-changing events. Thanks to contributions from very generous family and friends, we were able to ship a lifetime's worth of our Ligne Bretagne stock to our new shop. The funny thing is, while I took enough stummels and stems to keep me busy till age 150, I still leave behind probaby twice what I am taking, and the briar cave barely looks as though anything has been removed from it.

This is the one Snowman, signing off for now. I'm west bound and down!
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