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Thursday, August 14, 2014

So, I guess this is a Thing now...

Well, I made two more of my "kaiju and pipes" web comics, so that makes four now.  And they're still fun, so I guess that means this is a hobby now, too.  In recognition of that, I went and created a dedicated site for the strip on a web comics site, where it can enjoy the conveniences of a built-in framework tailor-made for comics with archives, chaptering, "Next/Previous/First" links, etc.  It should make it easier in future for people to browse the whole strip end to end, not that it's exactly going to have complicated running storylines or anything.

NEWBIES - Go enjoy the comic form the first strip HERE.

CURRENT READERS - To see the two latest strips, start HERE and click your way forward.

FUTURE READERS - Bookmark the Home page HERE and you'll always come to the latest strip!