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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In need of a Web Boffin

Having just put together another website update, and spent some time updating our shipping fees as well, I've been looking into one other issue that I'd love to fix if possible. Paypal's payment buttons currently don't have any way of automatically marking an item sold on our site, so I have to mark each item manually. This is working time that I would love to not have to waste doing this, because it's a pain (Open Photoshop, find catalog item pic, add "Sold" text, run outline action, save, open Dreamweaver, upload pic to site, open item page, mark "Sold" in text, remove payment button... for every single item that sells...), and also it would be handier for buyers if items could be immediately auto-marked as Sold upon purchase.  What happens sometimes is that I'll post an update, then get back to work in the shop, and several people will all try to buy the same thing before I come back to the computer to see it's been sold and mark it accordingly.

From what I can (vaguely) comprehend from Paypal's tech help, the Paypal buttons can be set up to send some sort of acknowledgement to a script on your own page, which can include code to update a site database accordingly.  Now, everything in the latter half of that previous sentence may as well be Russian to me as I know nothing about scripting for sites or site databases.  So my question is, does anyone know of a good tutorial or system which could accomplish this auto-marking of sold items for me?  If it's not horrendously complex I could probably figure it out for myself if there are any plain English explanations available, and obviously it would be desirable to be able to fully understand and operate the system on my own.

My limitations are those of most one-man businesses - I don't have the time to take off a week for learning all about site databases, nor the money to pay a site guru.  Though I would be amenable to some sort of pipe trade if anyone was able to provide some help explaining and/or setting something like this up.  I know there are some shopping cart systems that do this, but those all cost money every month and that's something else I want to avoid - I like using the Paypal buttons because they're free and only pay to PP for items that sell, rather than hitting me with a $50/month bill AND credit card processing fees.  If anyone has any ideas or solutions for this issue, please give me a buzz or leave a comment.