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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Children of the Night.....

"Vaat moozic they make!"

Ahh, Bela, we miss you!

No pipe picture today, just a quick announcement that the Talbert Pipes page has gone seasonal again. Also, the Korrigan pic on that page is clickable for a bigger view with a little bit of info.

Scary - I realized this was the first picture I've done in ten years now! It's just a simple pen, ink, and watercolor pencil drawing of a local goblin I know, but it was a weird experience to be sitting at the drawing board again instead of out in the workshop.


  1. That's pretty darned cool Trever. Do more; it's good for balance. Not to say that you're unbalanced :)

    If you're anything like me in this, it's tough to divide the time between the shop and the studio, but doing so, I think benefits both (so the little voice within tells me).


  2. Hi Trever! I was not aware of your drawing skills! It's really amazing!

    I've a metal band, maybe I've told you about, and it will be great to get something drawn by you for our next release.

    Maybe we could speak about it if you're interested in!

    Big hail to you and Emily!

  3. Sure, I'd be glad to! It would be my third album cover. I suspect I am atrociously out of practice...
    Just drop me an email if you want to talk about what you have in mind.

  4. Hello Trever,

    I think you've already got it!