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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Crawler Pics

Biz News - Two new Morta Classics have been added to the catalog, one smooth and one sandblasted. Both are variations of poker shapes, with subtle tweaks here and there to set them apart.

Well, I finally finished this Halloween pipe that's been the project for so many days. I'm quite proud of it - I think it's one of the more disturbing looking Halloween pieces I've done, and it was a lot of fun to do one of these again after so long away from them. Still, breaks are a good thing, I think. Moving between Talbert Briars and Goblins and mortas and Ligne Bretagnes does wonders for keeping me enthused about all the different pipes, and really helps avoid burnout. Rather than post a pile of pics here, I just made a simple web gallery for this piece, so if you want to see all the photos of the new monster, go HERE.


  1. Trever:

    Great looking pipe. Thanks for the story about the progress and for the photos as well.


  2. The Crawler is awesome, Trevor! I enjoyed getting to see the work through the various stages, and it's great to see a new Halloween pipe.

    I love the natural blast bulldog too. Wow, the detail and depth in that blast is striking!

    Looks like 2008 is off a great start for Talbert Pipes!