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Sunday, March 30, 2008

And speaking of small...

Biz News - Two new six-paneled LB tankards are new in the catalog.

After talking in the last post about small pipes, I thought I'd post some pics here, just for fun, of a Talbert Briar blowfish I've just finished this weekend. It was a challenging pipe to make because the buyer wanted something like the Fantasy Blowfish from last month, but under 4.5"! Considering that a lot of the styling of the first pipe depended on being long and lanky, this was a bit of a puzzle, but I eventually worked out this Mini-Me version, retaining a lot of the styling elements in a package short enough to fit in a shirt pocket, all while still keeping the bowl big enough for a nice smoke! Emily loves it - apparently it scores highly in the "wife cuteness" opinion polls. A few more pics:

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