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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Away in a Madhouse

This little group project has now grown to the point that I thought I would share it here. I'm a mod/admin on a little forum called "The Pub Crawlers", which I've mentioned here before, which is a sort of catch-all-topics group of friendly sorts who share particular interests in pipes, Lovecraft, horror films, SF, fantasy, genre movies, Trek, etc. For a forum group project this holiday season, I proposed that we stick a Christmas tree on our forum logo banner, and then everyone in the group could contribute small pics of decorations or gifts or whatever else they found, to be added to the tree - making it our own "community-decorated" forum tree. From a simple, plain tree, it has grown a bit this month! Here it is in its current version:

I contributed Santa Cthulhu, while Emily provided the worried-looking Coraline ornament, and everyone else in the forum added the rest. It's still growing by the day, and I suspect the tree may not even be visible by the 25th. This is what happens when a bunch of Lovecraft fans are asked to make a Christmas card...!

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