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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Talbert Halloween Pipes, Rebooted

So, it's October and for the first time in a few years, I'm making Halloween pipes for open sale.  It's been a long and strange road to get here, and I want to explain just how and why I'm "re-imagining" my Halloween pipes.

I first made them 12 years ago, and at the time I was just getting started in the business and trying all sorts of ideas to see what worked and what didn't.  I had a fantastic time making them and was very proud of what I'd done, but after a few years of putting them out every Halloween and studying the costs of the things versus their labor hours, I came to the unavoidable conclusion that they were simply a deadly loss to make - Not one of them came close to covering the time investment of making them.  And so, for a very long period that covered most of the mid-2000's, the Talbert Halloween pipes went away.

Now they are back, and back in earnest.  I wasn't happy with not making them anymore because they're the most enjoyable pipes I produce.  But, they had to turn a living wage the same as anything else I make, so in the end I decided to do two things - A) Charge the prices for them that I needed to get in order to continue making them, and B) let out all the stops.  Literally, go all-out and stop worrying about how much time one is taking, how much money I can get for it, etc, and just make the most awesomely nightmarish, hideously detailed, and all-around excellent Halloween pipes that I could.  I believe this will more than justify their prices.  Again, they're an experiment now just as much as they were when I first created them - If the market won't bear it, this may be the end of them.  But, if they do sell, there will be more... and more.  I am fully prepared to work on Halloween pipes year-round, as the inspiration strikes, and the new Halloween pipe page on our site could become a permanent fixture, if this little project is a success.

Towards this goal, this first 2012 Halloween pipe is a good bit more detailed than past Halloweens, and offers up a unique and creative internal system as well.  I've had a new stamp made solely for the Halloween pipes... No more with just an "H" stamped after the Talbert logo.  From here on, the new Halloween stamping is this:

The new Talbert Halloween pipes will offer higher craftsmanship, higher value, and (I hope) a higher and more creative artistic sensibility drawn from my ten years of pipemaking experience since the last time I carved any of these beasties for website sales.    I hope you'll enjoy the new pipes, and wish me luck in this venture.  And now, on with the show!


  1. Mr. Talbert,

    The 2012 Halloween Series begins brilliantly. I believe it attains your goals and avoids the pitfalls you write about on I've not been so disturbed and yet impressed with a "theme" pipe as I am with the above. I think I shall sleep better than you. You see, I have only seen your creation, but it dwells unshackled and menacing, only a sortie of "click, scratch, and drag" from where you vainly seek peaceful slumber.

    Perhaps this is the first and last 2012 Halloween pipe. Geppetto carved his Pinocchio, a real boy from blocks of wood and string. Mr. Talbert, have you made a wooden friend, soon to bite the hand that formed its life? The silence until your next post will be delicious.

    Ta, ta, for now. Or, is that tare, tare?

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Whether it sells or not, I can at least be content that I did exactly what I wanted to, and produced something which I think is a genuinely original quality piece. So on that count, it's already a success. I will obviously be a lot happier if it sells, but at least if it doesn't, I won't regret keeping it for myself! The only downside would be that that would mark the end of the Talbert Halloween pipes as a series.

  3. thanks for sharing.