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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Today's pic is a work in progress photo, taken just a moment ago, of something that started life as a special order. I had a request from a regular collector for a version of the Bo Nordh "Ramses" shape, so as usual I picked out a selection of blocks and set to work on my own variation of the design. I am not the guy to do straight copies of other people's work - for one thing, I think it's distasteful to copy someone else exactly, and for another, it just isn't fun. Spending all my time looking back and forth to a set of photos and measurements is too annoying to do on a pipemaker's salary, so I let my imagination have full rein. This pipe, however, went considerably further afield than usual! I knew the block wasn't suited to a Rameses but it still looked interesting, so I chose to see what I could make with it... The building blocks of the original design are still there, but the end result is so different that I'm giving it a name of its own - "Seahorse". We've been making some video footage of the creation of this pipe, and I hope to either post one complete video or post several in installments, assuming that the pipe doesn't have to be discarded at some point.


  1. I love the new shape! It's somehow organic and sexy.

  2. Very Beautifull shape !! the man who will have this pipe will be an Happy man ! I hope we will soon have new pictures from this pipe :-D

  3. Great shape, Trever. I'm curious to see the videos. Thanks for posting this source of information :-)

  4. Thanks for all the kind words! It's going to be fun if it comes out OK - the "tail" is a perfect place to curl one's index finger, and hold it by the base.