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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Polling Time

I've just set up an account with a simple polling service, so I have to test it out. Give me feedback!


  1. Hi Trever,

    I just voted for "more archive photos". In general, I like your blog as it is now (and I like it a lot). But if you insist on changing it (or make it fancier), this and more demonstrational videos would be my choice.

    Best wishes to you and Emily,

    Martin Reck

    PS: My LB has arrived - and I'm blown away. What a great pipe!

  2. Glad you like your pipe! Given the rapidly increaseing amount of traffic we've had here, I do expect the blog to "fancy up" a little over time, but I am pretty much a web minimalist (the main Talbert Pipes site being a good example).

  3. I agree with the "keep it simple" philosophy Trever.