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Friday, March 03, 2006

R.I.P. Fat Dwarf

Today marks the sad end of one of our most popular Ligne Bretagne shapes, the shape #72 "Fat Dwarf". I knew that eventually we would begin running out of LB stummels, given that we are working from a limited (though large) stock, and unfortunately this was the first shape to be exhausted. It's possible I may find more, given how piled-up and chaotic our briar storehouse is (Those who have visited here know what I mean), but unless I get very lucky, the pipes shown above were the last six of the series. But, why are there six above and only two available on the website? When I casually mentioned a week or so ago that this shape would be ending soon, I immediately got a request for two of the last ones sight-unseen, and another two were snapped up also. I wish I had more!

In other news, I've just posted three more new Morta Classics to the site. We're going to rest the Bettafish for a bit, and turn back to some more conventional and classical shapes like these new Princes.

Here is another version of the above photo, where one can have a little glance at something I've been doodling in my spare time (such as it is). A Korrigan is a kind of Breton gremlin, or mischievous faerie critter. I thought I'd make a quick watercolor painting of one with a somewhat more alien look; less like the usual Brian Froud/Charles Vess sort of fae.