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Friday, May 05, 2006

Czech Pipemaking

I'll be quick today due to us still entertaining the parents here. We had a visit from a friendly fellow named Martin recently who forwarded me a list of interesting links to Czech pipemakers who were unknown to me. Needless to say, I was enthused to see the ones in today's photo! They are by Ryszard Kulpinski. The other names he alerted me to are Karel Krska (Him, I had heard of), Jan Kloucek, and Pavel Hap. As always, it was fun seeing pipes that I'd never heard of, and I usually find it interesting to see pipes that have developed apart from the usual English/French/Danish pipe world. In particular, I really liked this rusticated pipe - the style of rustication is just incredible, in my opinion!
The only other small bit of news is the appearance of a pipe-related back story in Urban Dead - check out the Feral Undead Wiki and scroll to the bottom for "Back Stories", and look for Reginald VonBraun. Definitely worth a chuckle for anyone who has dealt with some pipe shop owners before...

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