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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Urban Dead meets Adventuring Pipester

This is about as trivial as anything can be, but... those visiting readers who have been enjoying Urban Dead may want to have a look at this thread on game customizing. Responding to the endless whining about game-balance-destroying weapons like machineguns and whatnot, one fellow has written a simple script to allow players to rename the existing weapons. Immediately, Vincent Z was able to transform himself into a better-realized version of the gentleman adventurer, with a more entertainingly themed pile of kit. I look forward to my first chance to do 5 HP of damage to a zombie with "a puff of pipe smoke". Of course, each tobacco tin only contains 6 pipe-fulls. Now if I could just rename Police Stations to Tobacconists, the theme would be complete.

Should anyone happen to bump into TreverT, Pipier, or Snuffleuff on their journeys through Malton, please say hi! Though, be careful around Snuffleuff, he bites...

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