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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ligne Bretagnes for the Box

I've just finished three stubby Ligne Bretagnes for the box of pipes I'm assembling to send to Pipe & Pint Friday, and thought I'd post a photo of them here in case anyone wanted to get one before they shipped out. Cute pipes! There's that word again. I was quite surprised to get three smooth pipes in a row, though. All three are sort of Lovat-ish, around group 3-4 in bowl size, with short shanks and light weight (between 30 and 36 grams). #1 and #3 both have horn stems (#1's really is gorgeous) with morta decor rings, while #2 has a black ebonite stem with an exotic wood two-toned ring. Note that the prices DON'T include shipping. I've also got some LB Canadians in the works and a larger-bowled Lovat - we'll see what I can get finished in time for the Friday shipment. I'm going to have to postpone the article on ebonite just a few days while I work like mad to get as much done this week as possible, before our visitors arrive next Monday.

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