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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Brief Intermission - Google page

A quick intermission between grading articles! Look to the right, just under the RSS feed links, and you will see a new addition to the page - a Google link. Clicking this will let you easily add this blog to your Google homepage or Google Reader. It should be ideal for those who don't use RSS but would like a quick and simple way to see if there are new posts or not - Check out the screen cap of my example Google homepage here to see what it looks like. Mighty strange to see that Pipe Blog headline there amidst all the (so often depressing) "real" news! And if you're not using Google homepage, I highly recommend it. It's my one-stop shop in the morning for the highlights of every news site that I read. No more hopping through a half dozen news sites for me, a quick scan from one page does it all. Very handy!

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