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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Among the Pipemen

It isn't often that we get reported on in the mainstream press, much less positively, so I have to thank Linwood Hines of CORPS for sharing this link with me, and in turn I wanted to share it with all my blog readers.

Among the Pipemen

An amusing excerpt:

Since the ban on smoking in public places, the pipe smokers that I used to see inside pubs are now outside pubs, often standing in the rain. But such is the sanguine nature of the pipe smoker that their feathers seem to have been only slightly ruffled and they appear to be keeping up with the times. I saw one dandyish figure outside the Swan hotel in Southwold, Suffolk, who was puffing on a great saxophone of a pipe (a Sherlock Holmes) while frowning over his BlackBerry. He was only in his thirties, too, so new blood is apparently coming through.

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