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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Note on Forums

A quick follow-up note on that last post's Big News - I have posted the story around to some of the various larger pipe forums on the net, and will try to follow up replies for a few days at least, but I expect that the time crunch and circumstances here will quickly consume all my time and leave none for further forum chat. The only pipe forum I was unable to post the news to was P&T Foundations - I've been so busy lately that my membership there expired without my even noticing it, and I don't want to try and renew it till we're back in the states, since we'll undoubtedly be changing bank cards and all that too, for billing purposes. If anyone in Foundations has any major questions about this, please address them to me by email since I won't be seeing them in the forum, at least not for a while. Merci!

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