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Monday, December 14, 2009

Trial run with two new Talberts

Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Bonne Fêtes, and a general happy holidays to you, regardless of what you celebrate!  This is a notice for everyone who might be interested - I've got a few unsmoked Talbert Briars now posted.  These are not *new* pipes, per se, but are from a small stash of unsmoked Talberts that have been hoarded here in the states for a few years, which I'm now dispersing to new homes.  I've brought them back here and given them all a look-over, with new polishing and cleaning to bring them back to shine, and each is effectively a brand new Talbert from 3 years ago.

I'll get to the links in a second, but first I wanted to thank all the good folks who have helped us out this year, during the ongoing crisis of our return to the states, whether by donation of tools, stock, time, or just good wishes.  Now I have to call on your help again, because we desperately need every last penny we can bring in this holiday season.  If either of these new pipes tickles your fancy at all, please don't hesitate to buy!  We're in the final crunch, and just need enough to live on until the new site is open and business is rolling again.

I actually have three unsmoked Talberts here, but I'm thinking of doing a restain on the third and so I haven't photographed it yet (It's an XL plateau-topped freehand).  Look for it to be added to the site within a few days, too.

This is also a little test of our new online payment system, so if you buy, you'll be helping to make sure everything works properly before the setup gets stress-tested by the initial wave of shoppers when the new site opens fully.  Also, it's a general look & feel test - These pipes are posted using the new catalog item format of the redesigned website, and include easy currency conversion as well.  I hope you will like the look AND the convenience!  And without further ado, here are the links to the two new pipes posted:


Also, if you're looking for stocking stuffers for the pipe collector in your family, I've put a few new items in our Cafe Press clothing and misc shop also, like this snazzy cap showcasing our newly redesigned Talbert Pipes logo:

You can shop the full store here:

It's still a mix of new and old logos, but I will be updating it as time permits, and at least the shirts have the new logo now.
Thanks very much for your time, and I hope everyone has a terrific holiday season!

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