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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Electric Santa

Ahh.. The joys of relaxation. I don't realize how wound-up and stressed I can get during the weeks of Halloween pipe work until it's over, and I have the sudden feeling of turning to jello. I haven't updated our blog pages for several days both because I've been too busy finishing the last Halloween pipe work, and then just sort of falling down. But, I suppose it's time to actually start posting stuff again, so here is a little bit of goofiness from the archives of 2000. I painted this as the color label for the 2000 limited series of Yule Blend, a tinned tobacco blended for me in 99 by Greg Pease and only produced for about 40 tins total between 99 and 2000. I was just playing with the airbrush for this pic, which prompted Emily to remark that Santa looked as though someone had just plugged him into 220 volt! And note, of course, that Santa is smoking one of the 2000 Talbert Yule pipes.

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