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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Kraken

Here is a sketch I did for a pipe back in 2001. This has become a ongoing struggle, the "pipe that keeps getting away" because of the difficulty of the design and the engineering hassles it would entail. I actually have a large stummel set aside for this pipe, which has been drilled and waiting to be finished since 2002, but I keep avoiding the thing and it keeps lurking. Getting the stem and shank fitting to work while retaining easy pipecleaner passage down to the bowl bottom required some very odd engineering (the airhole is not IN the tenon at all, but connects with the briar airhole lower on the face of the shank). After the long struggle with the Mother of Grendel this year, I know there is no way I will tackle this thing, so I guess it will continue to lurk (probably for years to come) on the "started but unfinished' projects table.

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