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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hydra Sneak Preview

"In just seven days,
I can make you
a maaaaaan"
Once this pipe was masked for sandblasting, I could not help but think it reminded me of Rocky from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". I wonder if the French know about Rocky Horror? It's difficult to imagine it working in translation...
In any event, Rocky Horror had been on my mind lately anyway, first tweaked by our recent class reunion (A bunch of friends and myself went to see RH at the midnight movies on graduation day) and also by my remembering that I had the soundtrack. I've got to say, the soundtrack for this film is fantastic, totally apart from the movie or the craze it inspired, and the song writing is excellent. I've listened to it a couple of times in the workshop lately, so I guess there's a bit of "Hot Patootie" seeping into these latest pipes.

The pipe itself is the long-struggled-with Hydra, which was actually drilled and roughed for LAST year's Halloween pipe set, but was not finished in time. It should make a nice smoke, though, with an extra year's worth of drying and curing - I think I've run this stummel through about a half dozen boilings. Whenever I was boiling a new batch of stummels, I would usually toss this in with them. It will be the green pipe of the set...


  1. I think that fourteen years ago, the Rocky Horror was played in only one movie theater in Paris! But no matter if we don't have the memory, we'll enjoy your pipe !!!

  2. Oh, what a shame! In the US, it was the midnight movie in at least one theater in every big city for decades. The showings were a huge party, with theater attendees arriving dressed as the movie characters, and everyone yelling at the screen and throwing toast and rice and water all through the movie.