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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Gaffer

Back in the late 90's I made a number of pipes based on Lord of the Rings characters. This was long before the Tolkein mania that the movies kicked off - back in those innocent days I was just making hobbit pipes because I liked the stories, and they were an unusual novelty. I did a number of what I felt were hobbit-themed pipes (thick, round, and short for thick, round, and short people). The one in the photo was tagged "The Gaffer".


  1. That's an interesting looking pipe - how does it smoke ?

  2. Well, I hope! The buyer liked it, from what I can remember (considering that this was 7 years ago)

  3. Ah OK, I thought it was one you had kept for yourself :)

    By The Way - you were right on the button - the Ligne while smoking well with Va goes into overdrive with English baccies. Superb little pipe, has become my favourite within a couple of smokes!