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Friday, January 13, 2006

File Hosting via zUpload

Just as an experiment, I thought I would try one of the free file hosting services to distribute our videos. zUpload comes well-reviewed, so they're the first test-run. This should be easier than distributing the files via BitTorrent, as it saves the techno-phobic from having to install a BT client and learn to use it. I can't predict what the download speeds will be like, but we'll try it and see. For the first test, I have re-posted the "Making Of" video for our Ligne Bretagne "A" Series pipes. Just click the download link HERE and it should take you to the zUpload page, where you "Click here to download file" and your download begins. If this works out to be easier, I'll post all the future videos this way.


  1. Vincent Bauzac1/16/2006 11:50 AM

    I just downloaded the file, it worked fine (speed rate ~11Ko/s).
    Torrent would have been a good tool if a lot of clients share the file (i.e. sex vids), or if you keep it sharing on a server.
    I'm very impressed by your ability to include these new technologies in your site. It makes it very intersting even for those who are not (yet) customers.

  2. Yes, that was pretty much the case. Without 500 other people all sharing the same file, BT was a limited distribution method. Unfortunately, zUpload isn't working too well so far either - out of around 15 tries, I have successfully managed to upload a video file once. Usually it either times out, loses connection to their server, or ends with an error message that the file is too big (this despite uploading a 100 meg file when their limit is 500 megs). So, no joy so far in finding a reliable distribution method...