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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Redesign (and Invisible Pipes)

Sharp-eyed visitors may notice that the site has changed a wee bit. This was not intentional, but was rather a really stupid mistake on my part. I was doing some manual editing of the HTML code in the template, and managed to accidentally cut - and save - half of the page code without realizing it. So, I was forced to install a whole new template, which erased the modifications of the last one. The links to the left have changed, mainly because I can't remember all of the various sites I was linked to before. I've filled in the ones I remember - Please let me know about any I've forgotten. Otherwise, I am pleased with the new look. It's probably cliched, but I think it works well for a pipe site.

Today's picture is an example of my output of "invisible" pipes - that is, pipes that never reach the website. I recently made three sandblasts in variations of Bo Nordh's "Rameses" design for an order. I always try to make multiple versions of the pipe requested in any order, so the buyer can have a selection to choose from and so I can have some extra pipes left over to post for sale on the website. In this case, however, the buyer bought all three examples! So, no Rameses pipes will be appearing for sale after all...

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