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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yes, This is Filler

... At least, until I have time to add some more to the IMP interview. I found this group pic in sifting through my archives of past years. This was taken in 2003, our first full year in Brittany. It's funny to look at now because we were so unfamiliar with all the new workshop tools, and so limited in what we could reliably do, that the majority of our work that year was quite conservative! Except for the morta Serpent, this is a very traditional bunch of pipes, but at least it has nice variety - one Classic-grade morta, one Signature-grade morta, one bamboo-shank Talbert Briar (center), one rusticated Ligne Bretagne Collector (right), and one standard-production Ligne Bretagne shape 11 (left). And check out those cool morta pipe-rests...

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