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Monday, November 07, 2005

"First Generation" Talberts

For those who might be interested in picking up some of my earliest pipes, there are three available on ebay right now. The full story is on my News page (with links). Two of the pipes, the Bilbo and the Twisted Egg, are the second and third pipes I ever made, respectively. I had a rather weird and different sense of style right from the start, I guess! I think it's funny now to look back at the Twisted Egg and see how much that "look" carried on and grew into things like the Halloween pipes. I can't speak to the craftsmanship on these early pieces - I'd probably be horrified if I went back and examined them now, but they are certainly of interest in a collectible sense. Today's pic is another older pipe, done back in the days when I had no tools to speak of.. This pipe was done nearly 100% with a Dremel. It is a good example of something I would NOT want to repeat (despite the old advert in the pic) because it simply isn't my style of pipe - I hate panels and find styles like this too fussy and grace-less. It's a nice pipe in its own right, but not something that one is ever likely to see appearing in the Talbert catalogs again.

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  1. The Yule Pipe was a beauty Trever - must admit - I like panels and like the one you have on show here :)