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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Lost P&T Cover

Some time ago, Chuck Stanion contacted me about possibly doing a cover for Pipes & Tobaccos magazine. He asked for a Christmas cover, which seemed a little odd considering that the Halloween cover would have seemed a better fit. But, I did a few rough sketches of ideas and tossed them his way. Unfortunately, the realities of the international move stomped all over the idea - we were talking about this in latter 2001 while planning the November 2001 flight to France to inspect the house and business, and there was simply no way I could have found the time to do a full painted cover. Besides, I doubt I could have rendered the sort of Norman Rockwell-style traditional Santa that the magazine was wanting - that sort of thing just isn't my style. Once the decision to move was reached, I had time for nothing else, and indeed have only now reached the point where I can pause and breathe a little. One day I would like to do some submittals for P&T and see where it goes, but until then, this rough sketch is the last evidence of the P&T cover that never happened.

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