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Friday, November 18, 2005


Today's pic is a little something I found in my archives from the early nineties. I found a zipped file on our hard disk that was filled with a lot of my old sketches and drawings, several of which prominently featured pipes. This was before I ever started making pipes, back during my "freehand phase" when I had a real passion for those big, plateau-topped Danish shapes. This was just a very quick sketch, done for fun with pen and paper and then retouched on computer in Paintshop. I miss my pen mouse - that was a very handy thing, and one day I hope to again be able to afford a decent pressure-sensitive pad and scanner, though admittedly there is a great charm to unaltered, unretouched, straight-to-canvas painting that I've come to appreciate more as I get older.

Regarding that touchy subject of copyright, when I post pics like this of mine, I am posting them for free, non-commecial use - that is to say, if anyone wants to use any of these pics to decorate their website or pipe page or whatever, that is fine with me. My only objection is that they not be altered (especially removing my name), and please give some kind of credit. TYK!

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